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Customized nutrition programs built around each individual’s comfort, goals, and experience with nutrition. The process begins with specific intake paperwork to learn where you are in your nutrition journey. Programs are typically additive and not restrictive, allowing for clients to build upon their successes and create life-long habits, not short-term fixes that ultimately fail. 


Recover and rehabilitate from injuries
Grow your flexibility and agility
Build muscle strength and stamina
Improve your mental strength

Performance   |   Rehab   |   Chiropractic


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highly knowledgeable, friendly, and wants to see his clients succeed​​

I started to see Dr. Stetson about 1 year ago when I was having crippling complications with my knee.  I have a very physically demanding lifestyle and career that it is difficult to perform while injured.  I was unhappy with the PT that I was currently seeing since there was very limited corrective medicine and the advice was to just “rest” my knee for months.  My family, career, and lifestyle are not conducive to rest, and being able to move well is very important to me.  I was referred to Dr. Stetson from a co-worker that had similar issues.  Since I began seeing Dr. Stetson, my knee issues have disappeared and we have been able to move on to maintenance work with other aggravated parts of my body.  He does a great job of listening to my goals and he has helped me surpass them in a very fast timeline.  

I have, in some form, been involved in the fitness industry for 15 years and Dr. Stetson is the best professional that I have been able to work with.  He is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and wants to see his clients succeed.  He is the best!  

Alex H.

He genuinely cares about building a relationship with his patients

I am so happy I found Dr. James! He genuinely cares about building a relationship with his patients and that is something I truly appreciate.  He is a great listener and really takes the time to get an understanding of what’s going with me and whatever pain I am experiencing.  The exercises he gives me are both efficient and effective.  He is so encouraging and believes I can improve and get stronger even when I may not believe it myself.  His positive outlook is contagious!

Diana C.

Working with James for the past year has been transformational.  I sought Jame’s help after injuring my back and he built a short-term plan to get me back on my feet and moving properly, then worked to develop a long-term plan to optimize strength and continued healing.  You can’t pin him down as just a Chiropractor, Physical Therapist or Movement Specialist because he’s a combination of all of them, plus a teacher to help give you the tools of longevity.  He’s damn handsome too!

Andy T.

Dr. James Stetson has helped me get back to the things I love! Prior to seeing him I had been dealing with persistent hip and knee pain for 6 years, and had seen 4 other movement specialists without much improvement and at times worsening of symptoms. After seeing Dr. James just a couple of times I started to feel some noticeable relief from my pain, slowly but surely getting better over time. As a competitive CrossFit athlete and Olympic Lifter it’s incredibly important to see someone who does CrossFit themselves, and understands the movements I am doing on a regular basis. The exercises he prescribes are not generic, they are custom tailored to my specific needs and deficiencies, he doesn’t just dry needle me and send me out the door. I am super thankful I found him!

Kat C., CCFT

First, if you’re looking for someone willing to crack your back, not ask questions, and send you out the door… Dr. Stetson is NOT your guy! James is the right Dr. for the job if you want an intentional, scientific, and full-picture approach. Immediately I was blown away by his extensive movement library and attention to detail. A healthy mindset and systematic approach while addressing the root of the issue, not just the temporary fix, is what you will receive as a client of Dr. James Stetson – I couldn’t recommend him more highly. 

Tristen H.